NFL team boss voted through eight new rules New Nike NFL Jerseys

The following rules of the game, rules and resolutions are the NFL annual vote by the vote, will be implemented.

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  • Forbidden additional points / free kicks, the defensive player jumps over the kicker and then blocks the shot.

    In a single game, the player accumulates two specific ungied behavior (Unsportsmanlike conduct) will be sent off the rules from trial to permanent rules.

    Keep the touchback (back) from the 25-yard line after the attack rules.

    To give the catch in the ball outside the receiver “no defensive player (defenseless player)” protection treatment.

    It is forbidden to perform a “crackback block” in the motion (motion), which is less than 2 yards from the front of the attack when the player or other player is intercepted from the front of the attack front or next.

    The edge of the video recorder for the handheld device, the official designated staff to make the final decision after the video playback.

    The same time to attack a number of fouls to control the table, trying to extend the game time behavior will be regarded as not gentleman behavior.

    Half of the two-minute warning after trying to keep the behavior of the time will be considered foul.

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  • Relax the original time on the team to detect whether the player is eligible to draft (one year).

    Change the procedure for the injury list / the activation of the list of restricted players to a procedure similar to the designated player’s return (designated for return).

    The league will inform the team on the day of the training camp and the preseason.

    New resolution proposal:

    Allow the contract / no contract / non-rugged related employees in the staff club allowed conditions, mid-season interview / switch to other clubs.