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Through unremitting efforts, TJ Watt’s journey to the NFL finally saw the dawn. “I wanted to show my ability to control the area,” he said, “and many of the coaches know that I can run away and know that I can punch,” he said. But not many people have seen my excellent sense of space. have sale Cheap Jerseys China.

The league’s 32-team scouts and packers GM and Steelers came to the scene to understand his performance, including the legend of the Jets and the Steelers’ Hall of Fame players Kevin Greene and Joey Porter. They will tell you how to improve the details of the game, such as in training, they observe my action, will tell me ‘Hey, a little focus to reduce the little … … turned around by hand Interfere with the players … ‘etc. I like a sponge to absorb a large number of teams from the industry’s recommendations, the next task is to convert these recommendations into the performance of the field.

In the training with two legendary linebackers, watt not only experienced a conventional measurement project, but also participated in many close to the actual test. “In the league before the physical test, the player has nearly two months to fully practice to deal with those fixed measurement items.But in the Pro Day, because the needs of different teams, you do not know what kind of So it is better to be able to show the true level of a player.

At the same time watt also said he was willing to play in the league he can play any position, or even the front or secret service group. “As I did before, I was willing to play anywhere on the team, and the gold was always glowing, and a player was good enough to help the team in a variety of ways … I felt the ability to be a versatile The player’s real wealth. “The next time he will continue to maintain training, waiting for the team on his ability to test different aspects. During this wait, he will be at home and training with his brother (JJ-Watt and Derek-Watt) at home to see the NCAA Basketball fight. Buy Cheap Jerseys From China Free Shipping in

TJ Watt in the completion of a comprehensive test in the first attempt after 40 yards sprint, he received a message from the two brothers. “You have a score of 4.71 seconds.” Despite the injury suffered, Watt is still very much hope that through the performance of the test to prove their strength to the outside world. “I really want to break through the 4.70 second mark.” He told the Union’s journalists. Before his second attempt, the two brothers gave him some advice: remove the necklace, remove the bracelet, all for aerodynamics. Perhaps really played a little bit of role, watt successfully got his desired results: 4.69 seconds.

Not surprisingly, the interview in the reporter asked a lot of questions about him and his two big brother. “The media would like to ask questions, ask your family situation, ask you how to grow up.For me, even if they deliberately do not ask this question, the topic is also easy to return to our comparison between the up, no way, who let We are a family. ”

TJ watts score more than JJ watt to 0.22 seconds. “I was running faster than he was, it was estimated that he was 30 pounds heavier than I was now.” At the same time, his other measurements made him take the lead in the same position: 10-8 long jump and 37 Inch vertical jump height, wingspan and body are very impressive. During the test, he almost met all the league team scouts, all this let him withstand the physical and psychological double test. “In fact, it is really grinding, the evening after the meeting is late, the morning and have to get up early to do drug tests, and sometimes I can only sleep at night 5-6 hours.” In the league after the completion of a comprehensive measurement Return to Wisconsin for a good rest and delicious taste outside of the recipe – he still hesitated when the pizza or Japanese barbecue – but he will continue to be put into training.

“A whole week of physical testing, I kept telling every team coach, I will become stronger. Whether I keep a healthy rest and diet, or perseverance training, in order to let me get in the field even if There are hundreds of players in the draft with me, but I am definitely the ultimate person. Cheap Jerseys Make Your Own – NFL Jerseys.

Cleveland Brown cut the veteran Gary Barney

On the first day of the draft day, Gary Barnidge, near the front, welcomed the rookie David Njoku to Cleveland Brown.

A day later, Barnich bid farewell to Cleveland on Twitter.

Brown has informed Baniqi that they will cut him off. Just 18 months ago Barnick and Brown signed a four-year contract with a $ 13.5 million contract.

Before the contract, Barnich in the 2015 season to obtain the number of catching yards and more than nine touchdowns of data, but in the last season he finished 55 times the ball only made 612 yards 2 touchdowns. Of course, Brown’s chaotic quarterback position to account for certain reasons, but coach Hugh Jackson – Hue Jackson (Hue Jackson) in March that the front-end position needs to be upgraded.

Obviously Brown has a high expectation for Joe. They are trading up back to the first round pick him up.

Brown wants Joe to cash his talent in the new season. As for Barnich, the 31-year-old veteran should be able to find a new club before the start of the summer camp.

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New York Giants interested free agent running Le Gareth – Blount

In the NFL draft approaching, the free agent running back are very nervous.

After Adrian – Peterson joined the New Orleans Saints, the next worthy of running back is LeGarrette Blount. According to Nlan official website reporter Ian – Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that he and the New York Giants interested in each other. The two sides may sign a contract before the draft.

Not into the playoffs is a failure

Pittsburgh Steelers, Auckland Raiders, Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs

For Steelers, the end of the Martavis Bryant race can be said to be the biggest help of the attack group. Marshawn Lynch (most likely) and Jared Cook to join the Raiders lineup looks a bit overwhelming. Andy Reid and the same as in previous years in an orderly to the chiefs check missing, and this time around the line around Alex Smith looks loopholes is running out. Mustang is probably the most uncertain prospect in this group, not only because they have changed a coaching team, and the quarterback problem or no final answer. However, their team-level defensive team or let them seem to have become a popular candidate for the playoffs.

Perhaps the four teams will not have reached the playoffs. But they all have a strong championship eager to let them in January when they are still burning their own energy, stepping on the Patriots to kill the United States is their ultimate goal.

The saints renewed Graham in the history of the first high salary

Drew Brees (Drew Brees) favorite goal will continue to accompany him, local time on July 15 morning, NFL official website reported that the saints and close relatives Jimmy Graham (Jimmy Graham) reached a continuation About 4 years the total amount of 40 million US dollars contract, of which 2000 to 21 million belong to the protected part, followed by the Saints official website confirmed Graham renewal.

In the last season after the team hit the ball back to the bottom of the league, the Giants need a strength running back. Blount’s ability to punch the ball in the middle and short yards is good enough for the runway position and Shane Vereen and Paul Perkins.

Blount had a career-best season at the New England Patriots, but Blatter had been unable to return to the Patriots after Patriot signed Mike Gillislee.

In the draft before the veteran running back to find new owners and will not be surprising.

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Carolina Panthers, New York Giants, Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Pirates, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Detroit Lions, Washington Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles.

Cleveland Brown, San Francisco 49 and New York jets are now in need of quarterback team, but Brown and 49ers were holding the first two picks, may not prematurely choose quarterback. Chicago Bear and Jacksonville Jaguars probably do not think Mike Glennon / Blake Bortles is their cornerstone: Greene has never played in 2014, and Boltus did not perform well last season and now adapts to the new coaching staff. In addition to them, Los Angeles Lightning is also likely to choose quarterback.

6-10 and 10-6 record gap in the NFL was exaggerated too much. All nine teams have a chance to win a championship or a wild card on the existing lineup, but no team can guarantee that at least half the number of wins is in his pocket. I do not believe that someone at this time to tell me that these teams can be separated from the next, power ranking on the fifth to thirteenth ranking team is meaningless.

Although Kaiser’s talent was praised, he was considered lacking in experience and still needed time to develop.

And his college mentor, the University of Notre Dame coach Brian – Kelly (Brian Kelly) hold the same view. Earlier this month Kelly had said Kaiser should stay in college to prepare for the next season instead of entering the professional league after the end of the third season. “He should stay in college …. he needs more time to grow in many ways, not just the field,” Kelly said.

There are some obstacles to clear before Lynch joined the raid. The two sides need to agree on the new contract. After the Raiders need to deal with Seattle Seahawks to get Lynch’s ownership.

Cardinals may have the worst offseason performance, after all, they lost three defensive group starting generals. But they also have more blue chips than others potential shares. The eagles upgraded their defensive group while tamping the ball. If the giant can leave Johnathan Hankins, then this offseason can play A. Panthers and saints have the best quarterback in these teams, and that alone is enough to put them in this group. Panthers have a good sign on the flop, but Cam Newton’s surgery is still an uncertain factor.

Lions and Vikings are trying to fix their rush of offensive strikes, and it seems that the lion seems to be one step ahead of the player’s signing. Pirates have two very out of the contract – DeSean Jackson and Chris Baker, but the lack of lineup is still GM Jason Licht need to worry about the place. Finally, the fans of these teams say – your support may be the last piece of the team needs a puzzle.

The fans expect to return to the stadium those big names children

Tony – Romo retired, Ma Shaan – Lynch is expected to return to the game. “Retirement” is no longer the original meaning of the kind of gone, especially in today’s players become more and more personality of the era. They may take a long time to decide whether or not they want to play again. Here, the NFL surrounding team lists some of the people most want to see the list of players back to the track.

Brett – Favre – Conor Orr

Is the day of the offseason been tedious by Tom Sagech’s day of news? Perhaps the next news is the return of the old gunmen. Uncle Fife showed his face in social media last week, and at Robert Alford’s Twitter, he was wearing a short-sleeved khaki casual pants and trained in the training center. At least in the video, his status is better than 50% of the current league quarterback.

I hope Faffe did not make a fortune in the past few years, perhaps a Brady’s healthy diet recipe, let him in the 47-year-old mouth gray gray beard age still state brave? He had mentioned the life after retirement, every day shaving open tractor, running a lot of fitness as much. How can he find a rookie quarterback with him? After a while the Cardinals GM in the Palmer and Stanton are Xi Cai, had considered to Kurt – Warner briefly back to help the team. Today’s passing age, age is just a number only.

NFL is often used to compare with the WWE, both have endless climax after another story. However, WWE has NFL no special: WWE can make the old hero back to the story, and the NFL has not yet begun to dig this wealth. How to let the gas star back to the center of the stage? Perhaps Fife is Sean Michaels and Michael’s return is the future of Fife.

Note: Shawn Michaels Shawn Michaels had a brief retreat at the beginning of the twenty-first century and later returned to WWE and won the doubles title.

Calvin – Johnson – Kevin Patra

Lion fans to see Lynch teacher’s return, think of the first thing must be: our Megatron will not come back (stars eye)? The answer is: no! Megatron retired to the public that a lot of reasons, and that will never waver. Even before the 2015-16 season, he said that this season is his curtain call. However, open the brain hole fantasy about the return of CJ81 or can. Matthew – Staffordshire in the just-concluded season, the performance of the lack of strong pocket protection, but he gradually grew to a strong anti-pressure quarterback. If Megatron return, Stafart after the main pass attack, coupled with the offseason lion on the offensive front of the reinforcement, the lion may be able to become the forefront of the league team. Megatron’s return to the big external reign of reproduction, favorable to share Gordon – Tate and Malvern – Jones’s offensive pressure.

Brett – Fife – Chris Wesseling

Player data analysis theory is no longer applicable for retired quarterback. With the end of the player’s career, they gradually decline in the performance to the end; in other words, when the retired quarterback after a good rest, its strength is far higher than the level of retirement. Tom – Brady intends to have been playing until the start, at least hit 45/46 years old, which makes us can not help but reverie, now 47-year-old Fafu is also a war? To know that the current alliance, but unprecedented to reduce the risk of collision on the field.

Fife retired a year and a half still have a scout contact he wants him to come back. “His forearm like a blacksmith generally solid, his body is my best time since he knew him, he can ride more than 80 kilometers a day without asthma, he can run 7-8 kilometers a day, his body fat rate only 7.5%, he may be more powerful than most of the starting quarterback … … “Faffe 44-year-old when his agent said.

But also three years later, it seems that his passing is still like a bomb, like, perhaps next season preseason we can see the veteran rage McCain, Huo Ye God, Savage or Kessler The Look forward to this scene.

Former Atlanta Falcons take over Roddy – White announced retired – Cheap Online Jerseys

Atlanta falcons in the history of the best outside the official officially announced his retirement.

One year after being cut by the Falcon, Roddy White announced his retirement on Twitter.

White’s next plan is to become a high school team coach, who is reported to join a coaching team in a high school in Georgia.

White scored a record of Falcons in almost every catch-up data. In the 2005 draft 27th overall by the Falcon selected White career played a total of 171 games, completed 808 times the ball made 10863 yards 63 touchdowns. In 2010 he was named the best team for a while, when he ranked 115 times the league ranked first, to obtain the highest career 1389 yards.

Despite the fact that most of the time White is the team’s top pick and is the most stable goal of the quarterback, his departure is not so good. After getting more and more opportunities in Julio Jones and even Leonard Hankerson, the number of passes by White was drastically reduced.

White in the 2015 season to complete 43 times the ball to get 506 yards a touchdowns. In the free agent market he was nobody, on the contrary he can only expect the Falcon to change his mind and then sign him back. But this last did not happen.

In the season after White’s departure, the Falcons attacked the team’s best-in-class history and entered the Super Bowl for the first time since the 1999 season.

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Peterson and pirate quarterback training tacit understanding; or join pirate?

Tampa Bay Pirates in the offseason from the free agent market to introduce a lot of good players, they want to make a breakthrough next season, and the fact that the pirates team proved the determination of their quarterback Jamie – Winston in the offseason early start training, and his training partner is not unusual, that is no one I do not know no one knows the star running back Adrian – Peterson, this is very interesting, Pitt Sen is still a free agent, and this way perhaps the two co-training may be able to bring some different news for people. The two men worked together in Houston, and Jamie – Winston returned to the team, in an interview with reporters on the Peterson praised, at this time, it seems that some different feeling.

“He is now recognized as a great runner, especially in his time.I can see and learn a lot from him, I see his career rules and see how he works. There is reason to know why He can enter into the great. ”

“You know he can stay in the NFL long-term high-level reasons, which can help me, because I also want to be a great player.Even ten years later, the man will continue to affect the next generation of players, training with him It was wonderful, it made me eye-opener and touched, “Winston said.

Adrian – Peterson last year founded a large sports venues, including numerous sports fitness equipment and terrain facilities, as well as an indoor court and other training venues. It’s like a multifunctional training center. Tampa Bay Pirates of the many players are here to train, like Mike – Evans, De Sean – Jackson are attracted to all. Winston came here after an eye-opener, especially after training with Peterson, Jamie Winston became more adept on Peterson. Now in such circumstances, do not know Tampa Bay pirates are likely to instigate Peterson joined it?

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Lynch has sought to come back and negotiate with the Raiders

US time Thursday, Auckland Raiders and Ma Shawn Lynch is engaged in active negotiations, the veteran running back is actively seeking to pay for the formalities so that he can successfully return to the NFL’s track, Auckland Raiders And Marseille Lynch has basically determined the outcome of the negotiations.

Marseille Lynch ended his career after the 2015 season, he was born and raised in Auckland, although the Auckland Raiders will no longer exist in the future, but at least two races after the raiders will be relocated to Las Vegas , So Lynch can feel at ease in his hometown.

Seahawks are not concerned about these issues, they also allow Lynch to meet with the raiders, Seahawks, the general manager of the Lynch when asked the issue also made a ” This will eventually happen, “said Lynch due to the retirement procedures, if Lynch want to come back he did not need too much formalities, so once Lynch officially come back, then the sea eagle’s capital space will be directly added 9 million US dollars, This makes the sea eagle had to cut or trade Lynch, but in any case the new season Lynch will certainly get a new contract, the Hawks and Raiders are also talking about the transaction, so Raiders and Lynch reached a consensus on the contract Can remove any other problems.

Ma Xiao En Lynch is actively seeking back, he is ready to go back for the formalities, it seems soon Lynch will re-appear in front of people.

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Tom Brady is very pleased to have his fourth Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award, but he has a different view of who should get this award. Super Cheap Jerseys Fans.

“I think James White should be MVP,” Brady said. “It ‘s good news for him, and it’ s really hard to win by team.

White in the game to complete the 14 times the ball, a record of the Super Bowl, he scored 110 yards 1 touchdowns, also completed two red ball touchdowns. Patriots overturned over Atlanta Falcon in overtime 34-28. Brady 62 pass 43 passes to get 466 yards 2 touchdowns, set the number of passes and the success of the number of super Bowl record.

“White is like my eldest son,” Brady said at a news conference. “He can do everything for you, and you can never get angry with him because he does not even finish the attack, he feels worse than you.He is the best teammate.He is an unparalleled player since last year Dion Lewis wounded. I was so proud of him and his accomplishments, and I watched him work hard to train from the rookie as an important factor in these competitions.

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To know the White before the season just finished 60 times the ball to get 5 touchdowns.

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Allen must learn to anticipate routes and tackle with greater consistency to come close to Sherman’s success in the NFL, but if he is dedicated to his craft, a team willing to roll the dice on him in, say, the fifth round could get a steal. Cheap Wholesale Soccer Jerseys.

The team poured a ton of draft picks into the line the past few years, and having Sullivan and Andrew Whitworth aboard should help OL coach Aaron Kromer bring the young guys along.

Myles Garrett won’t be within a thousands miles of the NFL-appointed draft capital of Philadelphia when the Browns make him the first overall pick. And because this is even news in the first place, I’ll use this as your reminder for the week: The NFL draft is big business. And it should also show that there’s hay here to be made for everyone, players included.

Elusive, fast and capable of running through arm tackles, Everett is a classic move tight end who has drawn comparisons to Tennessee’s Delanie Walker and Washington’s Jordan Reed by scouts.

April is the time of the NFL calendar when you have to be careful parsing what you believe from what you hear. So both sides are talking about it. Now, it’s not like this is a show-stopping issue for either side, but there’s acknowledgement that simple discussion over it is one thing that could spark CBA extension talks.

But the fact is that because it happens so rarely—Schneider told radio hosts Brock Huard and Mike Salk that what “you’ve seen lately in the news is real”—a football exec simply confirming that he’s even listened to the idea of dealing a cornerstone is going to turn heads.

owles, a graduate transfer from Kentucky, ran for 663 yards and 15 touchdowns over the past three seasons against mostly SEC and ACC competition, including a 75-yard scoring jaunt through Syracuse last year.

“All of my sports experiences helped me for moments like that,” Tebow said after the Fireflies’ 14-7 win over the Augusta GreenJackets. “Playing in The Swamp or Death Valley or in Mile High Stadium in the playoffs, they all helped. So much about sports is handling moments and handling pressure.”

Tim Tebow is still doing the baseball thing. He’ll always have that. Cheap Youth Jerseys.